Jaime’s Song

Callum was sitting in his café the first time he saw him, the love of all of his lives because Callum believed in re-birth, you see, and one lifetime together would never be enough. Especially when that time was so unbearably short.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Callum was in his café, playing this very song when he walked in. Jaime Callahan. A painter with so many different hues to him. A painter with a sadness, a burden so heavy, it weighed him down physically, resulting in a constant slouch.

Callum saw him from his perch on a stool on the small stage set up in the corner of his café, and he smirked. Because here was this clueless, awkward, lanky boy stumbling over his words while trying to order a hot chocolate.

The waitress took his order and left, leaving Jaime to find a table for himself. Which he finally did, but it was just his luck (good or bad, you tell me), that the one he was eyeing was the one farthest from the entrance and directly opposite to the stage where the very attractive man was playing his guitar. So Jaime picked up his sketchbook and his many tools and slowly walked to the booth. When he was seated, he spread his various pencils and colours, opened his sketchbook and immediately started sketching.

Callum observed as this boy drew, never once looking up or breaking concentration, dismissing the waitress with a grunt as she came with his order. All the while, Callum’s finger kept playing song after song, his guitar had become a second nature to him as he’d been playing for almost 20 years. Strangely, though, Callum seemed to keep replaying that one song, the song which he played as the boy walked in. He walked off the stage, deciding to take a break when Callum noticed that the boy had finished. That he was now staring at his picture, cheeks flaming red. As though he couldn’t understand how this particular picture came to life. This was when Callum went over, curious to see the image that could elicit such a response. He seemed to sense someone was coming over and immediately slammed his book shut, hurriedly arranging and re-arranging his stationery. Callum smiled as he reached the boy’s booth and asked his name. He introduced himself as Jamie in a small voice, stuttering. Callum then replied with him own name and noticed Jaime hadn’t touched his drink. Worried Jaime might not have liked it, Callum commented on the full cup. Jaime stuttered even harder as he explained that he was just concentrated on his drawing and suddenly gulped down the hot chocolate. He smiled, nodded, blurted it was good, and then basically ran out.

This meeting was running through Callum’s head almost 10 years later, when he was back on that same stool, playing that very song. The song which has now been dubbed “Jaime’s Song”.

Callum finished to thunderous applause but he just smiled sadly, packed up his guitar and left. This was the last time he would play Jaime’s Song because there was no Jaime to play for anymore.



She imagines herself flying. Flying far, far away from the horrors of reality. From all the responsibilities, the heartbreaks, and the sadness.

She flew above the sun and into the stars, she flew alongside the TARDIS, the Heart of Gold, the Enterprise, and the Millennium Falcon. And she flew with wings made from the pages of her favourite books, from the scripts of her favourite movies and TV shows. They take her away to those beautiful, fantastical lands where everything is always all right.

But then she wakes up.

But she always wakes up, and then she’s back in the reality where nothing is all right.



What is life but an endless cycle of pain and suffering? So I say dream. Dream as big as you can, fly as far as your wings can take you. And when you find that one place, that place of eternal serenity, that place where the weather is as you like it, where the animals flock to you, do something for me. Stand still, close your eyes, and feel the land around you. Breathe, breathe in the smells of your favourite flowers, your favourite food, your favourite drink. Listen, listen to the wind whipping past you, listen to the voice of your favourite artist, listen to the sounds of a fire crackling. And then just exist. Exist in that moment for beyond the rest of your life. And come back to that moment when things get too hard for you to handle. And remember, remember that place is the one thing that is wholly and completely yours. And no one in the entire world can take it from you.

Kapoor & Sons – The Emotional Rollercoaster


So I just came home from watching Kapoor and Sons (Since 1921). I’ve had very little expectations for this movie, and honestly the only reason I agreed to watch it was because I was in dire need of a break from my finals.

Due to the promos and the summary I read online, I figured this was going to be one of those typical, Bollywood love triangle movies. But boy was I wrong. Kapoor and Sons turned out to be a rollercoaster of emotions.

This movie could make me feel everything. from extremely happy to furious to devastated. It was a surprising change from the hindi movies I was used to. The story, the characters, the cast, the cinematography, the soundtrack were beautiful.

Let me start by analyzing the story. (Don’t worry, I won’t spoil anything. I hate spoilers just as much as the next person.) The movie starts off with Rishi Kapoor in 90-year-old man makeup, eating breakfast and occasionally throwing a few pieces to his dog, Gishu (who is adorable, by the way). Dadu, as everyone calls him is a typical happy, playful grandpa who just wants to see his family reunited for one last family photo before his death, which he believes might be coming soon.Enter, the handsome grandkids – Rahul and Arjun Kapoor; children of Dadu’s eldest son, Harsh and his wife Sunitha. The already slightly messed up kids come together to complete this extremely dysfunctional family, which is coming apart at the seams. The rest of the movie is how they try to cope with all the horrors that have come as a result of their own mistakes. And it’s just so real.

The characters were so beautifully written. Not one character was perfect in the movie. Harsh Kapoor was the arrogant, unfaithful husband who absolutely refused to accept his mistakes. Sunitha Kapoor was the slightly dramatic, overreacting mother who so badly wanted the perfect child that she was willing to do anything to make sure Rahul was that child. Rahul Kapoor was living a lie his whole life and hid his true self under this perfect, composed mask. Arjun Kapoor was the younger son with self-esteem issues and a serious inferiority complex which was a result of his parents’ partiality towards his elder brother. Dadu, although happy, completely refused to accept reality, chosing to turn a blind eye to the problems in front of him. And finally, Tia Malik was the lonely girl, desperate for a chance to convey a proper goodbye to her parents.

And the best thing about these flaws? They’re so understandable. They make the characters that much more relatable. I could actually understand why a particular character acted the way they did at that time because I probably would’ve done the same. It makes watching the entire movie-watching experience so much more immersive.

The cast was great. They were well-chosen and very well-directed. Alia, who is usually portrayed as the bouncy, always happy girl was natural and pretty awkward with her bad jokes. And Sidharth Malhotra as Arjun was a pleasant surprise, his performance and emotions just flowed. Fawad Khan did really well, with his seamless performance as the alleged ‘perfect’ older brother, who only ever wanted to look out for his family. Rajat Kapoor and Ratna Pathak were the ideal actors to play the eternally quarreling couple. And lastly, Rishi Kapoor, who is usually so loud and boisterous with his acting, was sophisticated and pulled off his role with an air of subtlety.

And finally, the cinematography was impeccable. This, combined with the appropriate soundtrack, and great actors, made me feel as though I was watching home videos rather than a movie. The acting, the dialogue, the sounds, and noises were so conventional, that I felt as though I was truly living the story.

This movie made me laugh out loud, and so furious that I mimed punching a few characters, and it made me cry. It made me cry so much for the goodbye Tia never got to say, for the sadness in Rahul’s eyes when he saw the disgust on his mother’s face, and for the tragic accident which took their family by storm. This movie made me feel so much over the course of two hours, that I could finally find a reason to explain my intense love for movies.

Finally, all I can say is please watch this movie and try to experience all that I have felt. I’m sure it will not disappoint. I will leave you with this one final summary of my entire post.

Kapoor and Sons is a perfectly imperfect family drama.


This past month, one Bollywood movie has been the talk of the country. Even weeks before its release, the movie has built up an insane amount of hype.

So what is the movie which has gained so much popularity? Surprisingly though, it isn’t a commercial movie with big stars like Shah Rukh Khan, or Salman Khan or even Amitabh Bachchan; it’s filled with theater actors (who I believe are the real actors) like Irrfan Khan and Neeraj Kabi. This movie is Talvar.

But what’s so special about Talvar?

Talvar is a fictional account of the infamous 2008 Noida Double Murder Case, which investigates the deaths of 14-year-old Aarushi Talwar, and the family servant Hemraj. The case is infamous for the fact that the investigation has no concrete results, even though the parents have been convicted.

The reason Talvar has become one of the most discussed movies is the questions it has planted in the minds of the public. The first and very obvious one- are the parents guilty? And seeing the current state of the Indian Police System, it isn’t too hard to answer that question in the negative.

Nupur and Rajesh Talwar had been issued arrest warrants on the basis of completely substantial evidence which makes absolutely no sense.

  1. There is no motive. Okay, why would two parents murder their only daughter who they basically worshiped, in cold blood along with their loyal and trusted servant? The fabricated motive backed with claims from potential suspects given by the police is that Rajesh found his daughter and servant in a “compromising position”, and murdered them in a fit of rage. This theory not only makes outrageous claims against Aarushi, dragging her name through the mud; but also has no proof to back it up. And it’s illegal, and just plain wrong considering the fact that Hemraj thought of the teen as his daughter.
  2. The murder weapon was never found. The victims initially suffered blunt force trauma- Aarushi on her forehead and Hemraj on the back of his head- before having their throats slit. The police and coroner concluded that the incisions made on their necks could only have been done by someone with previous expertise of the human body, leading to suspicion against the father. However, the supposed scalpel that was allegedly used to make these incisions, was nowhere to be found and could not have been in the possession of the Talwars as both parents were dentists; and the medical tool used by them is different to the “murder weapon”. Also, the second CBI team which took up the investigation (and failed) declared that the head wounds were made using a golf club from a set of two which was photographed but not found. Of course, this theory was ridiculed when Rajesh Talwar himself turned over the second golf club, having found it in storage. Please enlighten me as to why this “cold-blooded murderer”, who so convincingly “lied” his way through the interrogations, has willingly given up the murder weapon with which he committed a crime. Because that’s completely normal, yes? A guilty man handing over the evidence which could be used to convict him.
  3. The crime scene wasn’t preserved or cataloged. I don’t understand if it’s just laziness, negligence, or just plain stupidity that was influencing the police officer’s actions. The only knowledge of crime I have is through detective shows, and even I know that the first thing you have to do when called to a scene of crime – any crime, even robbery – is cordon off the area so as to preserve the fingerprints, DNA, and all other evidence. Everything in the room has to be cataloged and photographed. The body(ies) at a murder scene must be dusted for prints along with everything else in the room. A 10 year old could tell you this. However, this mahaan police officer decided to out-source the work and let the press, neighbours and basically everyone in the street into the crime scene as if it was a picnic. Or an entertainment show. Yes please come in, make yourself at home. Take as many pictures as you want. Oh you want a snap with the body? Yeah sure! I’ll take it. There has to be a limit for your ignorance. I mean they found a hand print on the roof which was basically a flashing sign saying “I’M THE KILLER. JUST SAYING HI” That on handprint could’ve solved the case in a matter of weeks. But oh wait, I’m sorry officer that you’re so burdened with work that you couldn’t send a team. Hell, one man could’ve done it!

And after committing all these blunders, the government finally assigned the case to the CBI. This happened in two stages. The first team that was dispatched did the actual, real investigative work that should’ve been done in the beginning. They collected data, they interviewed witnesses, and arrived at suspects with proper means and motive to commit the murder. However, the CBI Director then changed, and this team’s hard work just went ‘poof”! The team was suspended on the grounds of “influencing witnesses physically”, and the second CBI team was back to the “parents killed their child” theory. After much investigation, the Supreme Court found Nupur and Rajesh Talwar guilty and sentenced to life in prison. To paraphrase a quote from the movie: “When a crime has been committed, you investigate, collect evidence, and draw conclusions. However, you people have come up with your conclusion, and then tried searching for evidence to support it”.

All this aside, I am not here to talk about the case, rather the movie. I know, I kinda got carried away. But that is because this movie is so beautifully made. It depicts three contradictory accounts of the case, giving us insight from the police, the CBI, and the parents.

When the movie released, the media got statements from the Talwars’ friends and family regarding their thoughts on the case. And every single one of them said Nupur and Rajesh Talwar could never have murdered their daughter. The former CBI director himself said he thought the parents are innocent.

Meghana Gulzar, the director, said her intention for making this movie wasn’t to accuse anyone, rather it was to help the public question whether the case was really as ‘open and shut’ as it seems. She has succeeded in not just this aspect, but more. People are starting to question the treatment of the middle-class society by the police and the justice system.

The best thing about the hype though, is the fact that there is not a word going against the director, the cast or crew. In fact, the movie itself is barely being discussed. It’s the plot that roused everyone, and I have to say this is the first time I’m seeing such a phenomenon in India.

Talvar has gone to such an extent that the President of India, Pranab Mukherjee, has requested a PRIVATE SCREENING of the film in Rashtrapati Bhavan.

Finally, I urge everyone to watch this movie. I promise you it’s well worth your money and will leave you thinking for weeks to come. I mean, it inspired me to write a blog post after so many months, that’s a feat in itself.

And if my post isn’t convincing enough, I hope the trailer below will help.

Reasons Why Black Widow Should Have Her Own Movie


So, everyone knows that Black Widow is the best Avenger and that she needs her own movie. But, for some bizarre reason, her movie was not listed as one in the many Marvel movies set to release till 2019.

So here’s why Black Widow should get her own movie.

  1. Scarlett Johansson. That’s it. Reason number one. I need more of ScarJo as Natasha Romanoff. Actually, not just me, that whole world  needs more of ScarJo kicking alien (and nasty, evil human) butt.
  2. Nat’s past. It’s no secret that Natasha comes from a brutal background. Her life before joining the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division wasn’t pretty and everyone knows it. If there was a Black Widow movie, her past would definitely come into play. It would be both amazing and painful to watch how she has become the ‘monster’ that she so calls herself.
  3. Budapest. This obviously makes the list. Ever since it was first mentioned by Barton in The Avengers, it’s always been on my mind. I need to know the whole story about what happened in Budapest! I need to know how Nat was recruited into the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division (Yeah, I know it’s S.H.I.E.L.D. I just like showing off) by Barton! How did their friendship start?! How did Barton save her?! I GOTTS TO KNOW!
  4. The stunts. The totally awesome stunts. When Nat just takes everyone down, no matter their size, gender, species. I mean, we’re talking the woman who could calm The Incredible Hulk down! She is just so strong and agile and just amazing. I bet she would have been able to lift Thor’s hammer in AoU if she tried. She’s definitely worthy.
  5. Clint Barton. You had to have seen this coming. He’s a huge part of her life. He was the one who saved her. He gave her a second chance when everyone, even she, had given up on herself. He was the one who turned her good and he is definitely not given enough credit. Anyways, their bromance (aka friendship) will be adorable to watch.
  6. She’s Russian. That’s so cool! (*wink wink-nudge nudge*) Yeah, okay that was a bad pun. But you have to admit, Russians are awesome! Especially their accent. Sure, we might not get an accent from Nat, but she’s from Russia, so we’ll definitely get to hear someone else with an accent.
  7. There hasn’t been one Marvel movie (there are 2 TV shows, Agent Carter and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. which are totally epic; and one upcoming, Jessica Jones) with a female protagonist till now. (I say ’till now’ cause there are rumours of a Captain Marvel movie) Honestly Marvel, what are you thinking? There’s been at least 2 – not always good – movies(*cough* Iron Man 2 *cough*) of every other Avenger (except Hawkeye) but not of Black Widow. She is clearly the leader, she just likes to make the boys believe they’re in charge.

Anyways, these are all the reasons I can think of right now. And I think they’re pretty good ones. So come on Marvel! Get up and start planning the 3 Black Widow movies that are looong overdue.

TheGeek is out!

Lost Boy

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own the song or any lyrics featured in the story. All rights go to the owners.

Inspired by ‘Lost Boy’ by Ruth B

I was in the bathroom, blade in my hand, seconds away from doing it. One slash and that’s it. One slash and I’ll be free.

I hesitated, maybe I shouldn’t do it. Maybe I shouldn’t give up so easily. Maybe it will get better.

I tried to think of reasons to stay. And I could only remember one. Mavery Kingston. No, she’s not a girlfriend. She’s just a friend, a really good one. In fact, she’s the only person in the world who knows the real me.

I decide to call her. I need to say sorry. She needs to know that it’s not her fault that I relapsed.

So I put the blade down and picked up my phone. I just sat there, staring at her number for a few seconds before I dialed. It was agonizing, waiting for Mavery to pick up. I almost hung up before I heard a click, signalling that she answered.

“Jack?” Her groggy voice asked. She must have been sleeping. Of course, she’s sleeping you idiot, it’s 2 am.

“Jack, is that you?” She asked again.

“Huh? Oh yeah. Hey.”

“What’s up? What are you doing up so late?”

“It’s nothing. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have called. Go back to sleep.”

“It’s obviously not nothing. Now, tell me what’s wrong.” Even though she seemed more awake now, I could still hear the tiredness in her voice.

“It’s nothing, I swear. I’m sorry for waking you.”

“Jack, cut the bullshit. Tell me now.” She swore. Mavery never swears, unless she was really tired or really pissed.

“It’s stupid. But I just wanted to say thank you. For everything you’ve done. Because of you, I believed that I had someone who cared about me. I’m sorry Mavey. It’s not your fault. I’m just not strong enough.”

I picked up the blade from the counter when I heard Mavery through the phone.

“Jack, no. Please Jack, you are strong enough. You’ve always been brave. I promise you it will get better. Please, just hold on for a few more days. I can show you! Jack please.” She was hysterical and I could hear her running around.

“It’s okay Mavey. I just wanted to hear your voice. One last time. Don’t cry for me, I’m not worth you tears. I have to go now.”

“No Jack, don’t say that. If you go, who’s going to be my Peter Pan? Ms. Tyler will kill you if you miss the play. Jack please, just stay there. Don’t move, don’t do anything. I’ll be there in 5 minutes.” I heard her car door slamming shut and the engine starting.

“She won’t have to kill me.” I chuckled. “I can finally be free Mavey.”

I smiled and slid the blade across my wrist. I felt a sharp pain and I saw the blood spill out. As I slid it across my other wrist, I could hear Mavery screaming from my phone. If I listened to her, I wouldn’t be able to go through with this, so I hung up.

I started feeling woozy as I sat down on the floor, leaning against the wall. My t-shirt was stained with blood and I could feel myself weaken.

I smiled when I saw Mavery’s picture flashing on my phone. Huh, she was calling me. She never could follow orders very well.

I remember the first day I saw her. It was at my theater class and I was having an especially bad day. I remember it was raining, because I had to run from school to the studio. It was hard as I also had to dodge my teammates and my dad, the coach.

I loved theater. But I’ve always had to hide it from my father because he doesn’t think it’s “manly” and would taunt me or most likely throw a beer bottle at my head. Anyways, back to that day.

As I entered the studio we rehearsed in, I heard someone running in behind me.

“Move!” A girl screamed from behind a big cardboard moon. I jumped aside in surprise and in the process, left the door, which hit her and resulted in her slipping and falling, taking the moon and the small table next to the door down with her.

She let out an “Oof!” as she fell. I couldn’t help it, I burst out laughing.

She huffed and groaned as she tried to push the cardboard off her. That just made me laugh harder when she turned to me with a glare. “Hey bozo. You think you can maybe control your laughter long enough to help me up?”

I sobered up and heaved the moon up, allowing the girl to get up. “Thank you. I haven’t laughed like that in years.”

“Well I’m glad I could entertain you. Now can I have my moon back?” I handed the cardboard moon to her and as I did, my jacket sleeve rode up to show a few of my scars. I quickly pulled it down before she noticed.

I held the door open for her as I walked into the rehearsal studio. “So, what’s your name?” I ask.

“Kingston. Mavery Kingston.” She says in a deep voice, aping a British accent. I smiled when I realised what she was referring to.

“I’m Jackson Riley.”

“I know.”

“You do? How?”

“We go to the same school.”

“Oh…” I nodded, trailing off.

“Mavery! Where’s my moon?” Ms. Tyler called from backstage.

“Coming Ms. Tyler!” She called back before turning to me. “I gotta go. I’ll see you later.” She smiled and ran backstage. I smiled back as I watched her go.

I sighed as the memory came to me. Mavery was there for me at a time when no one else was.
The room started spinning and that’s when I figured I didn’t have much time left. I started feeling very sleepy.

Sleep sounds good. Maybe I should sleep, it’ll be nice to actually fall asleep. I haven’t slept for days.

I was just about to really given into the darkness when Mavery burst in.

“Jack you idiot! Why did you do this?!”

“Mavery.. You’re here. I knew you…” I trailed off, not having enough energy to complete the sentence.

“Jack no! Jack. Wake up! You have to stay awake.”

” I want to sleep Mavey. It’s been so long.”

No Jack, please. You can sleep later. I promise I’ll let you sleep later.”

All through our conversation I felt myself being lifted onto a stretcher by paramedics and being carried out. When the were almost put the front door, I suddenly shouted (well, as much as I could in my condition).

“Wait! Mavey, you have to go to my room and.. And take…” I felt myself falling asleep.

“Take what Jack? Come on, stay awake.” She patted my cheeks to wake me.

“Take the letter in my bag. It’s my goodbye Mavey. It’s my…” I couldn’t stay awake anymore, I didn’t have the strength. I have into the darkness and I embraced me. Like a mother getting her child after they’ve been apart for a long time.

I could hear Mavery and the paramedics in the background but I didn’t care. I was finally free.

Jack’s suicide note

“I can’t do this anymore. They’re saying such awful things. The voices in my head. They’ve destroyed my happiness. And I’m tired. I’m tired of pain being the only thing I feel. I’m tired of smiling and not being able to mean it. I don’t want it to hurt inside when I smile.

I just want to go away.”

Jack’s letter to Mavey

Dear Mavey,

Thank you so much. Thank you for being the friend I never had. Thank you for helping me experience happiness again. I’d almost forgotten how to smile.

You should know it’s not your fault. I know you will probably beat yourself up over this. But you could never have done anything to save me. I was always too far gone.

Say goodbye to Ms. Tyler and the rest of the cast and crew for me. And don’t you dare cry. Don’t waste your tears for me Wendy Darlin’.

I guess I turned out to be a lost boy instead of your Peter Pan.

Yours forever,


(Peter Pan Lost Boy)

“Neverland is home to lost boys like me and lost boys like me are free.”